Congo Virus

Awareness can save lives.

The citizens of Pakistan everyday is a challenge with problems and worries. Due to the negligence of the Pakistani Government in the Health Department, many precious lives are lost daily. After Dengue and Ebola Virus, patients of Congo Virus have created a lot of terror in Bahalpur. Instead of educating people and giving them awareness regarding the safely precautions, respective officers have remained quiet. This is because the respective officers had earned billions of money at the time of Dengue Virus and are hoping to earn them again now that Ebola Virus is originating.

Final year`s nurse, Nadia, from Bahalwapur, was the first victim of Congo Virus. Her husband rears goats and sheep. Two weeks ago, Nadia was admitted to the Victoria Hospital. The Doctor operated her on the pretense of Appendix due to which the virus was transferred to Dr.Sagheer who died in Karachi Hospital two days ago.

Recently, two patients, including a doctor have died because of this fatal virus. However, two people are admitted in the Karachi Hospital while eight others are admitted in the Victoria Hospital, Bahawalpur.

Irregardless of the what our Government has done against this Virus and how much more damage can this Virus Cause, let`s take a detail view of this virus and aid ourselves with the knowledge of how we can prevent the damages.

Congo Virus is not something new. In 2002, in Pakistan, it had killed seven people. In 2000, public awareness for this disease had not only terrified the normal citizens, but also the doctors and nurses. At that time, due to this contagious virus, one lady doctor and four infants died. According to the Health Department, last year fifty six cases of this virus had been reported. This included twelve women. Thirteen patients passed away due to this lethal disease. This is the Worlds most fastest spreading disease.

What is Congo Virus?

First of all we should knowledge of this disease so that we can take preventive measures against it accordingly and stay safe. The scientific name of Congo Virus is Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever. It has four types. The first stage of Congo Virus is an infection due to which bleeding starts. Loss of blood can cause death. This virus is common in Africa, North America, East Europe and Asia. This is why the first victims were from these areas.

This virus is called an African Country Disease. It was in 1944, that in Crimen this virus was first found, this gave it its name, Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever.

Spread of Congo Virus

According to doctors and Health experts, Congo Virus carrying insect, Tick is found on the skin of some animals. These animals include, camel, goats, sheep, cow and bull. Tick sucks the blood from the animals by sticking on their skin. This insect plays a vital role in the spreading of this disease. Human beings can catch this disease if Tick bites them. Moreover, while slaughtering this virus can also be transferred to the butcher. This is how it is transferred from animals to humans and from humans to other humans. This is why its contagious and is regarded as more dangerous than cancer. Person affected from Congo Virus is most likely to die within a week.

Types of Congo Virus

There are four types of Congo Virus:

1. Dengue Virus
2. Ebola Virus
4. Rift Vally

Indications of disease

The patient has a high fever. It becomes a victim of headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, insomnia, ulcers in the mouth and swelling of the eyes.

Due to high fever, the number of white cells in the human body decrease due to which absorption of the blood is affected. It causes bleeding. Later, the lungs of the patients are also affected. The liver and lungs also stop to function properly. As a result, the person dies.

Laboratory Tests

The tests of Congo Virus require modernized and high quality labs which are unavailable in a city like, Bahawalpur. Some of the respective tests of Congo Virus as found on web are as follows:

1. 147ELISA148 or 147EIA148 methods
2. Antigen detection
3. Serum neutralization
5. Virus isolation by cell culture

Safety Precautions Against Congo Virus:

It is difficult to prevent Congo Virus because it is not easily identified in animals. However, to lessen the presence of Ticks, a chemical spray used. Physical interacted with the patient of Congo Virus should be avoided. Even while taking care of the patient, use of gloves is must. Hands should be washed thoroughly and wear full sleeve shirt. Children should not be taken close to any animals such as sheep and goats. The polluted air over the waste materials of the animals is also a place where this Virus is common.

Lotion to prevent the availability of Ticks must be used. Before going to buy any animal it is important that you wear full sleeve shirt. This is because sick animals have a greater probability of ticks on their mouth and skin which can cause several diseases.

During care and movement of animals, one should wear gloves for their safety. People who work in slaughter houses and butchers should take an extra precautionary measure.

Medical checkup of animals should be performed by highly qualified experts so they can identify the sick animals. Slaughter houses should be cleaned properly.

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