Genetic Disorder or Genetic Disease

Breathing difficulty, again and again lung infection, digestive problem or even reproductive issues – all these common problems signifies that one is facing genetic disorder or genetic disease (GD).

If a person’s age is between 30 and 40 years and he/she feels uncontrolled movement (chorea), difficulty swallowing, behavioral changes, difficulty balancing and walking, memory, speech, and cognitive loss than it also reflects (GD).

If an old mother is expecting a child, 1 in 1000 decreased muscle tone in the face, development delays and digestive system defects sort of GD shall be found in the child at the time of birth.

Leaving the child, especially male child wheel chaired till age 12. This sort of GD starts occurring at the age of 6. It can be easily recognized if the child is complaining about heart and respiratory difficulties, deformity of the chest and back or kind of mental retardation.

Another kind of GD which is extremely painful causing abdominal, chest and bone pain, fatigue, short of breath, feeling of heart rate acceleration, delayed puberty, stunted growth, fever and leg ulcers. This happens because the red blood cells in the body do not properly carry adequate oxygen throughout your body. The solution is pain medication, kidney dialysis, blood transfusions and rounds of folic acid.

If a person is unable to digest food processed from wheat and related gain. If not treated or left undiagnosed then a patient will be left with dehydration due to severe diarrhea. Also signs are abdominal swollen due to gas or fluid.

This GD affects an adult male of 25 to 30 years. It bounds a patient to a wheel chair. It starts with fatigue, mental retardation and complains about muscle weakness especially legs. If the patient complains, about upper body muscle weakness that is more severe. The lower body muscle weakness process is quiet slow.

If shortly after birth the child either male /female show symptoms of wide-set eyes, small height, feature of face very much similar to webbed neck means thinly connected and a flat bridged nose than this GD is mainly caused by both the parents. If happens in about 1 in 1000 or 1 in 2500.

If such symptoms are found like fatigue, swelled spleen, bone pain, short breath, no or less hunger for food, dark color urine, jaundice or liver dysfunction than it might be because oxygen carrying molecules in the blood are not combining/mixing properly with red blood cells.

Another GD which travels in the DNA and enters in the biological child causes certain type of cancer in childhood as well as chronic pulmonary disease and even type 2 diabetes, small height, sun-sensitive skin, bloated nose, voice that of high pitch, face rash or even narrowness in face.

Some unusual human GD can be head to the size of elephant head, hairs like wolf on all the face, too fast aging process, overgrown bones and loose joints, walking on both legs and hands, scaly macules and papules growth on hands, foots and even face, by birth an ineffective immune system, blood coming out under nail skin, hand and feet fingers parted from the centre etc.

On the other hand there are some who are the gifted ones due to their genes. For example there are people on earth who need little sleep of 6 or less hours, some have super dense bones, crystal clear underwater vision, having golden blood i.e. O negative, immune to brain disease, have no fear of high altitude, can bear easily in some of the coldest weather, malaria resistance, HIV aids resistance, whatever they eat they don’t get high cholesterol.

One of the rarest GD which has reported lot less than its occurrence is the very pungent, rotten fish, rotten eggs, garbage or urine sort of smell from typically women (for unknown reason) which shows up in abnormal amount. This GD is found in their sweet, urine, exhaled breath and other bodily secretions.

The scientist has also penned down that the GD is not only because of father, mother. GD can also take place after the birth, i.e. some changes in the genes and which result in disorder. Also it can be adopted by the body from its surroundings and environment e.g. some form of radiation or chemical causing cancer. Another can be that at a later stage the body is unable to produce glands which affect the respiratory and digestive system of the young adult and children hence causes change in genes.

Nowadays many of the genes which cause disease have been identified and the work is still going on to find a cure and now the defected genes can be fixed. Gene therapy is the name of that particular field of science.

The three main treatments which are happening through gene therapy are:

  1. Use of special diet which prevents the toxic compound to build in the patient body.
  2. Blocking or rerouting the chemical pathway.
  3. Replacing the defective genetic material with the normal genetic material inside the cells.

Apart from that now the unborn baby can be tested before birth. Diagnosis can be done by using the tissue or fluid surrounding the baby. Different methods are also present for such kind of test like visual display of the unborn child, passing of needle through mother belly to collect cells etc.

We can also find awareness program where the medical centers test the parents and relatives and identifies variety of disorders in their genes. This test can really help the couple to calculate realistic genetic risks. On the basis of such test the genetic counselor suggest or advice couple the options they have for a healthy child.

Genetic disease, symptoms and its cure is increasingly becoming a debate able topic worldwide because now a women can identify the disorder genes in her unborn baby, whether she has genes through which she will develop breast cancer, whether a women who has breast cancer should give birth to a child, whether the insurance company should insure such a lady having breast cancer as she might become a high risk client for them and so on.

Last but not the least, there is no doubt that science has discovered so far and still is but all the creatures which includes human beings as well are created by their One Master, and HE has spread the cure to every illness from everything in this world except death. We need to identify that because in order to help, save and develop the whole mankind there should be something beyond the knowledge we or science currently possess which is on experimental basis and is not enough for whole .e.g. the treatment which one gets in the first world countries cannot be obtained in the third world countries despite of the fact that the same human beings are present in both the countries.  It’s out there we just need to find it and use it.

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