Want to know something about Gog Magog

Gog Magog are sons of Noah’s third son Japheth. These two created one of the most dreadful tribes in the history of mankind. They oppressed all the people living near their tribe and didn’t hesitate in wiping out civilizations. According to verses of Holy Quran, Torah and other historical transcripts that these tribes lived in North East part of Asia and they created havoc and devastation in the southern and western part of Asia. Some historians have suggested that they lived near Moscow and Tobolsk. However, others have believed that these tribes inhabited between Tibet in China Turkestan alongside Arctic Ocean. During the era of Prophet Dhul-Qarnayn, the tribes of Gog Magog attacked mercilessly on other civilizations. In order to safeguard his people, Dhul-Qarnayn created a gigantic wall between mountains. This wall is mentioned in Surah Al-Kahaf of Holy Quran.

Dhul-Qarnayn, a man who is mentioned in Holy Quran. Who he really was? These are difference among scholars and philosophers about it. There is various interpretation of who Dhul-Qarnayn (A.S.) really was. Many scholars believe that Dhul-Qarnayn (A.S.) was actually Alexander The Great. However, some disagree with the notion that Dhul-Qarnayn was actually a title given to King Solomon (A.S.). Philosophers of modern age have predicted that Dhul-Qarnayn was prince of Persia named Cyrus The Great. However, there is still some uncertainty about who was Dhul-Qarnayn.
According to Qur’anic verses, Dhul-Qarnayn was given tremendous resources by the grace of ALLAH. After conquering countries in East and West, he ended up near a mountain range where the tribes of Gog Magog were living. According to verses found in Surah Al-Kahf, Dhul Qarnayn came towards a mountainous region during his campaign towards north. Here he met with an unusual tribe who spoke a unique language. After starting conversation with them via a translator, he came to know that these people were devastated due to maltreatment by Gog Magog. They ask him to create a wall between them and people of Gog Magog.

Therefore, Dhul-Qarnayn created a wall between them. And it was not a wall in words, but it was a reality. It was created from molten Bronze and steel. It temporarily stopped the havoc created by Gog Magog. After this wall was created, Dhul-Qarnayn (A.S.) Thanked ALLAH for his divine help for safeguarding the people. However, he told his people that this wall is not immortal and will eventually fall apart whenever God has promised it be. And ALLAH fulfils his promises. So now the question remains where this wall is located.
There is disagreement among historians about its location as there have five different walls like this in the various era of humanity. Wall of China is the most prominent of them. However, it is made of soil bricks not molten bronze. Some historian argue that this great wall was actually the wall of Marib in Yemen. However, this wall was built to stop water and work as a Dam. According to information collected by pakistantv.tv, this wall was not made of bronze and iron. Similarly, according to religious scholars, this is the mountain range at the Caucasus, between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. There is a part in this mountain range that is made up of pure iron and can be seen by naked eye.
Although this wall is so strong that not even powerful and strong people like and Magog will not be able to break through it. However, ALLAH will thrash this wall into pieces when the time comes to fulfil the promise. And the promise is the re-emergence of Gog Magog near the day of Judgement.

According to Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as provided via book Saheeh Bukhari, the Gog Magog create hole every day but are unable to finish it and when they woke up next day, the hole is filled and they had to do this exercise again. However, as the day of Judgement comes closer, one day Gog Magog will say that we will “INSHALLAH” finish the hole tomorrow that will be the day that Gog Magog will re-emerge in this world and restart their wrongdoings. In order to save the people from the pugnacities of Gog Magog, ALLAH will order Jesus Christ (A.S.) to safeguard the good people. Jesus will in turn ask for God’s help and the tribe of Gog Magog will die though an epidemic virus. Every inch of the world would be filled with the corpses of the people of Gog Magog. Then God will send Bird of the size of Camel’s neck and they will take away all the corpses. Then a rain will wash the entire world and it will become fertile again.

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